October 7, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Dad's and Donuts

A lady from work saw a wedding picture of mine. So I had the opportunity to show her a few! Which of course got me all excited about wedding photos again.

Ironically, today is Wedding Wednesday (or has been in the past, but bringing it back today!).

Today was a special day at home preschool. It was Dad's and Donuts. The kids got to bring their dads and share some donuts with them! Really fun to see the dads come out for a special morning with their children.

One of my 3 year olds asked me what my dad looked like. It's funny what kids can think to ask. I said "he is tall and handsome".  All the other 15 kids proceeded to tell me that their dads were tall and handsome.

In honor of Dad and Donuts, enjoy this beautiful shot of my father. I loved how the photographer captured this special moment.

Flagstaff Wedding Hope CRC

(side note to any brides out there: veils do feel a little suffocating!)

October 4, 2015


Double Income No Kids.

That is us. We are that married couple who has no dog, no kids, and outside of work no extra responsibilities.

Is that a good thing or bad thing? We tried getting a dog. The landlady denied us! It was pretty disappointing actually. Kids are somewhere in the long term plan. We are waiting to start that adventure. More on that later.
Buffalo Mountain, Silverthorne CO

We are doing our best to get involved with a church. Being social isn't one of our strong suits. But hey! We are have to working on something.

So what do DINKs do? Take a 24 hour getaway to the mountains.

Exploring is on of the reasons why we aren't having kids. We moved to Colorado so we can explore the beautiful state with free reign. We booked a hotel (talking CHEAP hotel) and explored the city. The next morning we enjoyed a long hike up a mountain. Then, we devoured a tasty lunch at a local grill.

It's funny. Even as DINKs we did everything as cheaply as we could. We packed leftovers for Friday's dinner. Ate the continental breakfast at the hotel. But we did allow ourselves a few treats and even dessert after lunch.

Even though we might be on a tight budget we still got to have a vacation and feel like we spent a lot! We ate great, we had a drink (or two!), and we got away from the daily rhythm. Exactly what a vacation should be like.

Buffalo Mountain, Silverthorne CO

Do you have an vacations planned? The travel bug is so fun to get!

September 14, 2015

on top of a mountain

boy... that was a long hiatus. I could blame it on a few things: like starting a business with my husband and blogging for Primal Grub Co. Or just being lazy. I think that's the one.

I truly miss blogging. Sometimes I don't blog because I feel like I no one reads it. The reality is, I think blogging is therapeutic for me. I'm not going to even pretend to catch you up on the last few months. Instead, I'll fill in the blanks as needed.

For Labor Day my husband and I drove to the top of Mt. Evans. The first 14,000 foot mountain I've been on. Thankfully, this time we didn't hike it. I know that won't last long. It'll be done within the next 12 months because it's on our bucket list.

I was reminded of how much to be thankful for. I live in an incredibly beautiful state. I get to explore it with my best friend. And, I have family who support us in living away from "home".

I could go back to that day for sure. But, writing this post is a good reminder to continually be thankful regardless if it's a day off or not.

CO Chief Mountain, near Mt. Evans

Mt. Evans in the distance