My Traditional Background

What do I mean by traditional?

I was raised in a traditional family. We were the family who went to church on Sundays (sometimes twice), dinner was served around the table, and my mother washed all five siblings' laundry. I am holding onto those traditions hard while most people fall away from them. My mother was/is the example I had in my life. I never once saw or heard her complain about doing the housework. My father was always grateful and showed it through his hard work on the dairy. My parents taught us the words of the Bible. I was baptized as a baby and took profession of faith (announcing to the church congregation you have taken your own faith in Christ) as a teenager. My parents demonstrated a servants heart. My mother is a Proverbs 31 wife. Between my parents examples and my faith in Christ traditionalism took root deep in my heart.

Some people look at me funny when I talk about cooking, grocery shopping, or talking to my husband before spending money. Some people think the wife shouldn't be held down by the cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.  I hope to show that those things aren't holding down the wife but are acts of service. I hope to demonstrate how the traditional roots are benefitting our family, rather than limiting my voice as a woman.

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