About Me

Welcome to my little space on the internet! I'm glad you found me and I hope you stay a little. This blog started in 2010 while I was in college. Its first title was "My Dutch Story" but after getting married and loving every moment of it I decided to focus my content on marriage which lead to the title after the colon.

That's right, after college I got married to my best friend and person I admire most in this world. We married on July 19, 2014 in Flagstaff, Arizona surrounded by friends and family. We had a small wedding but one that was filled with love, a burger bar, outdoor games, and a ice cream truck. Unusual but we've down things a little differently then the rest of the world. Really, that's the hope for my blog. I want to journey with you in my adventure of being a traditional wife in this very modern world. I love my traditional roots and hope to always hold onto them no matter what I'm facing against.

Here are a few facts about me!

  1. I love the Lord, Jesus Christ. Above loving my husband I love Christ. Everyday I am blessed by His faithfulness.
  2. I currently live in Colorado, went to college in Illinois, but grew up in Arizona. Someday I hope to make it back to Az but for now I love Colorado. 
  3. I like fitness. That's one thing you won't see much on the blog because I'm not an expert on it. I enjoy a good morning sweat. 
  4. I love coffee. 

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