June 5, 2015

What have you been reading?

Happy Friday everyone!

We got back from a lovely trip to Arizona, so I missed the Wedding Wednesday. But don't worry it'll be back next week!

My friend Sarah sent me a journal a few months back. I'd been using it as a decoration, but then decided I needed to start writing again. Journaling through devotions has been really helpful in my spiritual life in the past. So, I decided to use the journal for my daily devotions.

I told myself 12 days

Start there and see what happens. And what do you know? My 12 day reading plan is over and I am starting a new one!

I love when I have extra time in the mornings do drink coffee and read! 

I read from She Reads Truth (I do wish I had a book to read from, I do not like that I have a screen in front of me during devo time) and follow the scripture they provide. Right now I am working through their Women in the Word series. I am excited to learn more about our God through the women in his book.

What are you reading lately? Do you journal?

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