May 27, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Groom

This is one of my favorite photos of my husband. Anytime his real smile gets captured I feel like the world gets a treat.

He is laughing at his brother Seth. Let's just say, he's a goofball. So, there is no surprise that he is cracking a joke and making his brother laugh. 

I also love how so many wardrobe details are captured. 

Fun fact: groomsmen attire was furnished by Kohls. We spent many hours at Kohls, trying to pick out responsibly priced items, asking for deals, and trying on clothes (well, my man did the tying on. I did my best not to be to picky).

I also like how the building details are prominent. I am probably biased, but our reception hall was the absolute best. You can see how it looks like a log cabin. But it was bigger than a log cabin, and had a huge tree in the middle. The BEST.

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  1. Great picture and I would agree, your venue was the best :)