March 5, 2015

girls' night

Two weekends ago I was invited to a girls' night. Cocktails and Conversation. Pretty cute right? Everyone who went was from work. I really like the host but was not super excited about spending a whole night talking with girls (that has never been something I get excited for. Really, school retreats with a cabin full of girls: cue anxiety attack.) Remember a long time ago when I wrote about doing things we don't want to? And the post about making friends? It was like all of these posts were coming together in real life.

I won't elaborate on those things again. You've probably got the picture I'm not very good at these things.

I am 100% behind the idea of a girl's night. What better way to do it when your husband drives you (time together) and in a house (nice and safe!). I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling to get to know people in their area. Conversation can be easily formed by environment. For example: I saw the clock on your wall is from Alaska. Did you live there? Now all you have to do is listen! Or, go for something you know you have in common. For me everyone had a drink in their hand, so I asked if anyone like breweries. Bingo! I got one girl to talk for a few minutes about breweries. All I had to do is pretend I knew what she was talking about!

Of course there is a huge temptation at girls' night. Gossip. Anytime more than one person is in the room the temptation to gossip is SO high. The temptation is even higher when all the people's are women and work together. I had to walk a thin line between having conversation and gossiping. Anytime I am with people from work I want them to think I am different. It's amazing how much we can be a witness to the people we work with. 

I am so glad I went to this girls' night. I really did enjoy the conversation and the cocktail (wine... yum). I even stayed Paleo through the whole thing! I wonder if I could host something like this. Have you hosted a girls' night. If so let me know your tips! 

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