January 31, 2015

making friends.

My husband is my best friend. He is my partner in crime. My cream to my coffee. My tights to my boots. My man.

Last Saturday I got to go shopping. I was sad though. I had no one to go with. While shopping can be enjoyable by yourself, it's a lot more fun when you get to go with someone else. After my short trip my husband asked what was wrong. I was sad. Sad that I didn't have friends in Colorado to share simple trips like shopping with.

Before moving to Colorado I knew I'd be okay with having no friends. But I didn't realize that it actually gets old after a while. Typically, I'm the girl who is totally okay with not seeing her friends for months. My history of friendship is all across the board. But I'm used to having my family as friends. Which is why I am SO thankful my husband is my best friend. I didn't realize that after months of a new adventure it'd be nice to be able to call a friend up for a cup of coffee, or run to the store while the husband is at work.

NEWS FLASH: It's hard making friends in a new town. It is not at all like college. You know the place that you'll immediately have at least one thing in common with everyone at the school. Or the place where there are tons of people in the same stage of life as you. And if you were like me; blessed to go to a Christian college, have your love for the Lord to talk about.

Mustering the energy to go to a new church is a lot of work. Then add the pressure to find people who  don't have kids, are newlyweds, and maybe just maybe like a healthy lifestyle. Talk about anxiety. Those categories really narrow it down. Granted, I know that being friends with someone different than yourself is a good thing. But, man, would it be nice to have someone who enjoyed the same things as me while everything else in this adventure is new. Conversation would be a lot easier!

Being married has made me aware of the importance of friends. It's so easy to stay in for the night and enjoy being with each other. I treasure those nights. But, I think how wonderful it would be to be able to invest in someone's life. To talk about marriage together. To share struggles together. To laugh at ourselves together. All from a girl perspective. One that sometimes males do not understand.

I am not taking for granted my friends who have stayed in touch from a distance. I am so thankful for their efforts. But I know we'd agree that distance friendship is different than being just down the road (or down the hall for that matter). I am always grateful for my friendship with my husband. But I am always wondering when I will be able to make a friend. Maybe it comes down to pushing myself to do more things I don't want to... Like talking to people after church.

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  1. Victoria, thanks for this post! I totally understand. Nobody prepares you for how to make friends outside the convenient college community! I am struggling with the same thing right now so if you figure anything out, let me know!:)