February 2, 2015

meal prep

I promised earlier I wasn't turning into a food blog. But, after spending 2+ hours in the kitchen all I can think about is food.

Meal Prep to be exact. I thought it would be fun to share what I prepped this weekend to get ready for our new week.


  1. On the weekends I always make a big batch of the main course for lunch. This week's was chicken salad. I slow cooked the chicken. 2 lbs. of chicken + 1 can of diced tomatoes. I shredded the chicken and put it in the fridge overnight. 
  2. I made these Triple Coconut Muffins for fun! It was cold. I was home alone. Baking was the sensible option. Better yet they turned out great! 


  1. Finished preparing the chicken. I added 2 bell peppers and an apple to the chicken. I haven't found an easy paleo mayo yet, so our chicken salad is mayo-less. I'm okay with it, but it takes away from the "salad" part. 
  2. Made Paleo Egg Muffins. Sort of bummed how these turned out. About half of the muffin is soaking in water as I write this! I've been wanting a quicker breakfast option but still something hot. I think these will do the trick. Just need to learn how to butter my pan first! We'll eat these with our paleo biscuits and coconut muffins for a hearty breakfast. 
  3. Prepped spaghetti squash for tomorrow night's dinner. I am always searching for recipes that can be turned into leftovers. I think this Enchilada Pasta might be a winner! But, with cooking the squash it's a 90 minute cook time. That's a lot for a weeknight. So I tried to narrow the time down by cooking the squash today and hope for an easy meal tomorrow! 
  4. [Attempted] Made Copycat Larabars from a recipe on Fit Foodie Finds. They were suppose to be bars, but turned into balls. My husband is working a crazy amount of hours this week. We decided he was going to need some more food. So a fast and cheap bar was the answer. 
I have been trying to do most of my meal prep on Saturdays. I like my rest on Sundays. This weekend it didn't pan out so much. I made myself lay low on Saturday because I was fighting a cold. I am still glad that I put in the work before the crazy week starts. I start a Early Childhood Education course this week and with my husbands full time job we'll be appreciating the quiet time even more than last week. 

Now I do not have to worry to much about what we'll be eating this week! Definitely worth spending my Sunday afternoon in the kitchen (plus, my husband reading a book and the snow falling made a pretty good view while doing dishes!). 

Tell me, do you meal prep for the week? Why or why not? 


  1. I know how you can make mayo! Take one egg yolk, add 1 tbsp of lemon juice or vinegar, then really really slowly add olive oil or whatever oil you are allowed to eat, and whisk like crazy! If it gets to thick add a splash of water, whisk, then add more oil. Whisk like crazy!! I like to make a big batch of homemade marinara sauce and freeze it in batches. You can also roast spaghetti squash and the remove the flesh and freeze that as well.

  2. Saturday meal planning and Sunday afternoon run to grocery store after kids are down for naps works for our fam. Been doing it for years and I know it helps us avoid the costly mid week dinner outings for five if we aren't prepared. plus i have two growing boys who always say "I'm hungry" all day long :) Chicken pounded out and in different bags of marinades in the freezer always a go to prep of mine.