February 5, 2015

dying art

I still remember the day that my mother sat me down and told me how to write a thank you card. We had just celebrated my birthday and I had a lot of people to thank.

Now I get to thank her for the traditional value that hasn't left. I have had my fair share of reasons to write thank you notes this past year. My husband and I have been blessed with so many gifts through the wedding, bridal shower, and new marriage. Even when we thought those days were over we've had a check sat in our mailbox and a gift show up at Thanksgiving dinner. We have been continually blessed.

It is so easy to write thank you notes after a big event like birthdays or weddings. But have you ever sat down and wrote a thank you note after a visit? Or after sharing dinner together? I have made a personal goal to myself to develop my mother's teaching. Going into someone's house and eating food might seem like a small gesture to some people. But I know that if I was the host I would be nervous! I know I would appreciate any small token of their appreciation. Maybe that is my love language of "appreciation" working inside me. And maybe most people wouldn't think twice about it. But, maybe just maybe writing that thank you note encourages them to be thankful too.

Admit it. It's a bummer only seeing bills and junk mail in your mailbox. I love finding a piece of handwritten mail addressed to me. I love knowing that someone took time to write those words with me in their thoughts. I love being able to return the gesture. Sitting down to write a thank you note doesn't have to be a huge project. But man does it really bring a simple joy to my heart. I love getting out my pen and paper, writing a few words, stamping it with my VH stamp*, sealing and sending. I send hoping a simple act inspires others to do the same.

Plus, how easy would it be to write thank you notes when you could have something like this to write on? I love beautiful stationary.

When was the last time you wrote a thank you note? Do you think it's a dying art?

*VH stamp created by Monomyth Studio who did all of our wedding invites and are awesome at it. 

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  1. What a great reminder! It is so easy to send a text these days, but I'm getting out my pen and paper.