November 7, 2014

Doing things you don't want to

Have you ever experienced that moment when you know you should do something you REALLY don't want to? All of a sudden you feel guilty for not doing it.

I'll raise my hand. (Let's be honest I feel like that everyday when I go running, but that's another story). I experienced that awful feeling this past week when I was faced with the decision of going to Bible study. It was our "fun" week meaning our time is focused on fellowship rather than the Francis Chan videos. The group decided to break up into two groups: girls and boys. 

Oh boy, I was faced with the decision of braving a small group by myself. It's still hard going even with my partner in crime! Now I had to walk into a group of chatty girls and bring out my extrovert side. Not easy for this one. At first I told my man I wasn't going to go. I made up a couple (lame) reasons why and we left it at that. About 30 minutes later I had "that feeling" and decided I needed to go. 

And I went. And it was good. Not like it was an earth shattering time but it was time with ladies who love the Lord. Time with ladies that are married and have been where I am. They are ladies who are willing to open their hearts and arms for others. They set an example for me without even knowing it. 

On the drive home I decided it was good I went. It wasn't because we discussed life problems but because every time I do something I don't want to I leave with a better feeling than I come with. "That feeling" turns into a feeling of accomplishment and I leave knowing time was well spent. 

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