November 2, 2014

Bear Peak

Yesterday, my man and I took a hiking trip to Boulder, CO.  We started our hour trek with a stop to the bagel shop. The town is right next to the mountains so we enjoyed their glory on our drive. They were lit up with the morning sun. It was such a beautiful view.

We started our hike at 8:40am. I had no idea what I was getting into. Okay, I had a small warning from my man that it'd be hard. But, wow. I didn't expect it to be as hard as it was! It started off with a small incline, then a decent, then a gradual incline the whole way to the summit. We experienced many different terrains including loose gravel, dirt, and pine needles. The summit alone was all boulders. I was shaking in my boots! (okay just tennis shoes but the cliche sounds better). We ran into some serious hikers along the way. Including a pregnant woman. Holy motivator! If she can do it, then I had no excuse.

After 3 hours and being totally lightheaded, wobbly legged, and terrified we made it to the top of Bear Peak. The views made the hike worth every ache and pain. Despite the cloud coverage you could still see for miles! After resting and eating apples we headed down to the south peak. During which I said "I'm done. I don't want to go any higher". I do have a history of sitting on rocks during hikes. But I knew that wasn't an option at this point. My man was behind me and I know he wouldn't let me sit. So, we made it to our second summit of the day which was higher than the second. We ate our lunch, rested, and started our decent. Not without being passed up by some serious hikers who decided walking wasn't hard enough. They were running! Um, no thanks.

After questioning our route and running out of water we made it back to the car. Thank goodness because I knew something was going on with my body. Despite my weird body issues I was so proud of both of us that we made it. We conquered Bear Peak in 5 hours and 8.5 miles.

We then explored downtown Boulder and dined at Rueben's Burger Bistro. My man's burger looked delicious but I could hardly stand the thought of food. By the time we made it home I wanted to throw up. I don't know what happened on that mountain but I was feeling sick. Thankfully, my man is kind and took care of me. After two cups of water and some cheerios I feel asleep on the couch. I think I slept over 9 hours last night. We concluded that I got dehydrated.

Even though I got sick I still enjoyed the trip. It was so much fun to be pushed to my physical limits. I also also always enjoy working out with my husband. I could do without the nauseousness but I do not mind the sore muscles. Climbing the mountain was another motivator to continue staying healthy and living an active life.

Lesson learned: drink water. Lots of it.

this man and his maps. 

(not us, just some other crazy people hiking up the mountain). 

On top of Bear Peak!

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  1. What fun! Next time take me, I'll rest on rocks with you:)