February 16, 2015

the springs.

Welcome back to a new week! I hope you were able to spend some time with someone you love. Just putting it out there: my weekend rocked!

To celebrate my birthday, my husband's full time job, and his birthday (which is next month!) we had a staycation. To celebrate even more we chose our cheat day (on our Paleo lifestyle) during our getaway! Friday night we stayed in Colorado Springs. We kicked off the celebration with a brew from Red Leg Brewing Company. Yum. Checking out new breweries and restaurants is one of our favorite activities. We loved the clean, industrial, and low key feel of this place.

I then acquired a big craving for pizza. Pizza filled with cheese, wheat, and grease. All things not Paleo. My loving husband went on an adventure to find me pizza. Because when I have a craving it doesn't go away. So we had our pizza in our king size hotel bed watching cable TV. Pure bliss my friends.

Saturday morning we went for a run and enjoyed a small breakfast at a cafe down the street. We relaxed at the hotel before heading out for the day. I typically like to plan these types of things. But all I knew we were going to do was head to Garden of the Gods and then from there take it as it came. What a great way to be adventurous! We explored the national park and chatted with a local. She pointed us to Old Colorado City. We spent the majority of our day walking around: in and out of shops and boutiques. Best decision to have our cheat day on Valentine's Day. This small town knew how to take care of their customers! We had tons of free chocolate and cupcakes. And we even treated ourselves to a brownie. YUM!

After walking up and down the main street we headed to the U.S. Olympic Center and Focus on the Family headquarters. We didn't get to spend to much time at either place but will definitely be going back. We headed back home after a full day's worth of activities.

I had a "fancy" dinner planned for Valentine's Day but neither of us were hungry. So we had leftovers. Really, what was I thinking? Who would want to cook after being away? Not this girl.

Wow! What a trip we had. It was less than 24 hours, but we had been looking forward to the trip for weeks. We used every cent of our entertainment and restaurant budget but it was so worth it. It was refreshing to be with my husband in a new place. I love the conversations that come from walking in nature. I love hearing my husband be excited for work and for life. I knew going on a getaway would be a good idea. But I didn't realize how needed it was. Sometimes we need to stop and take time to be with one another. Really, be with each other. Yes I posted to Instagram. But I didn't post every minute of our trip. I did my best to really be in the moment and create memories we can have forever.

I cannot wait to tell our children about the time we ate pizza in bed at 10pm. So simple. So perfect.

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