February 23, 2015


Before signing with my current work position I knew I would have to take an online class. They require all workers to take Early Childhood Education courses. I actually respect the work place for doing so. If I was a parent I would want my child to be in the best care and with a person who has knowledge behind what they are doing.

Respect aside, taking an online class has been a struggle for me. I am in my fourth week and am finding myself having a bad attitude towards it. My poor husband has to hear my complaints almost every time I sit down to do homework. Really, Victoria? Complaining every time? Yea, pathetic right? But for some reason I am slow to switch my negative attitude to a willing heart. I know the class will be beneficial to me later in life. Especially, if I want to become a mother. This week I realized a lot of why I don't want to take the class is because the stress is puts me under.

You would think after four years of college I would understand how to manage the stress. But, this time around I am taking care of a home, a husband, and working 39 hours a week. These factors are new, but I was doing similar things during college (expect the husband part, completely didn't have that going on).

It's amazes me how quickly I become stressed. And what stress does to my attitude and energy levels. I feel very overwhelmed and feel like suddenly everything will fall apart. I know. Completely false. But dealing with stress and anxiety is something I have never been good at.

How do I deal with it? Running helps me a lot. I feel more ready to conquer what's stressing me out if I have a clear mind. Secondly, being with my husband. Or even just listening to him talk (usually about how ridiculous I am acting) calms me down. The downside to taking an online class is now my evenings are filled with class time rather than husband time.

I am learning that it will be OKAY if I do not have every evening with him. This class is only for a few months. But I forget the reality of it and start stressing that I won't see him or won't get my homework done. We all have things to work on right? That's mine for sure.

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  1. Oh boy, change a negative attitude to a positive heart! Ouch that has to happen every day, but what a great change:)