February 26, 2015

5 places to visit in Parker

News flash: my mother is visiting tomorrow! I cannot wait for her visit and to "hang out" with her.

In honor of her visit here are a few places in Parker, CO that my choices to bring visitors.

  1. Castlewood Canyon State Park. My husband and I have been there twice. Even though there is a small charge to get in the state park is beautiful and has multiple trail heads. Great place for visitors to hike while still getting acclimated to the elevation. 
  2. Fika Coffee House. Because every visitor needs a cute coffee shop to visit. Especially one that sits on mainstreet. 
  3. The Barn. Not technically in Parker but so close and so worth the drive. It is one of our favorite places to shop for antiques. Lose yourself in the hidden gems and enjoy the free coffee towards to back. 
  4. Parker Farmers Market. Hands down one of the best farmers markets you will go to. Even their winter market has great vendors! If you visit during the summer, enjoy the beautiful weather while walking down mainstreet (literally on the street because they close the road down) and trying samples. 
  5. Elk Mountain Brewing. Because when you're on vacation and in Colorado you need a good brew. This place serves only beer but frequently has food trucks in their parking lot. They have popcorn and board games to enjoy too! 
Be sure to visit these places and definitely check out Parker's Mainstreet. It is full of restaurants and shops right next to a park.  

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