February 12, 2015


Fact: my husband is a meat lover.
Fact: I cannot stand the texture of raw meat.

It's true. He could eat red meat for every meal if our budget allowed for it. On the other hand, I like meat but it's not something I crave on the regular. Nor is it something that I love to handle. However, to maintain my wife status and be queen of the kitchen I have to get over my fear of raw meat.

Example A. The first time I ever cooked a whole chicken I had my husband de-gut it.
Example B. Whenever we buy meat in bulk my husband is the one to separate the package into meal sized portions.

How am I getting over this fear?

Resolution to example A. I de-gutted not 1 but 2 whole chickens all by myself. Yup, I stuck my hand in and took out all the nasty stuff.
Resolution to example B. Just this past week I separated the bulk meat package all my myself. You probably would have caught me with a funny face though. But I did it!

I know this is really earth shattering topic. Nothing to stress about. But maybe it comes down to something bigger. Maybe it's conquering those silly fears in order to serve others better. I have asked my husband to help me de-gut or separate meat and he will do it with a cheerful heart. I takes a whole five minutes for him. But then I am feeling like I haven't really done my job. I feel like I am not giving 100%. That is why last week I decided to separate the meat when he was at work. That way I had no one to bail me out and I would get one step closer to conquering my silly fear.

By the way, cooking for a meat lover is always fun! Before we went Paleo Meatless Monday's was a weekly thing. It was always fun to see what kind of meal I could cook to convince him that meat wasn't EVERYTHING. Now that we have gone Paleo meat is the regular. Beef, poultry, bison, you name it, I've cooked it. Maybe not all the way done but I am getting better at cooking that stuff up and not scrunching my nose at the smell of it!

Got a meat lover in your life? Let me know how you adapt your cooking to their style.

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