January 4, 2015

traditional wife in a modern world

Hey there! Have you noticed the new look? I'm excited to announce that I have been re-inspired for this blog. From here on out you'll be getting a look into my dutch story while being a traditional wife in a modern world. I want to bring you better content and more frequent posts. Exciting right?!

You see, I've grown up in a very traditional lifestyle. Now here I am 22, married, and still holding onto those traditional values but placed in a modern society. My values, thoughts, and ways of doing things don't often line up to societies. I hope to give you more focused content through my lessons in the kitchen, in the house, in a relationship, in my workplace, and in my heart. Please don't think I've gotten everything 100% correct; I'm learning as I'm writing!

P.S. I'm still fidgeting with the site, so please ignore anything that doesn't look great or work correctly!

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