December 31, 2014

2nd Annual: A look back

I cannot believe another year has come and gone. (I also cannot believe that I have been able to maintain this blog for another year, while sometimes I felt like I abandoned it I promise it was never for good). Here's my favorite memories from the year.


(incase you need a refresher, I got engaged December 26, 2013 so the whole wedding thing was huge the past year). I couldn't believe the day had come that I said yes to a dress! My mother joined me on my shopping adventure and I bought home the 5th dress I tried on. What a great feeling!

Two significant memories: First, my mom came out for a dress fitting and for my birthday. We celebrated with a trip to Whole Foods, a local winter festival, and food. She was always willing to fly out to Illinois at a moments notice. Even soaked up the Polar Vortex to be with me!  Second (below) wasn't so much fun, but a huge moment in the Van Hofwegen history. I became the last sibling to live in Illinois as my brother moved back to Arizona. What a sad day. Having family in the same state made living away from Arizona easier.


Please ignore the not so pleasant picture! But my friend Sarah and I were up early baking breakfast for a crew of girls. I drove with three other friends from Trinity to visit Sarah in Wisconsin. Baked oatmeal will always bring fond memories because of this morning. 


The first of two bachelorette parties! What a joy it was to celebrate with two other friends who got married in the same summer as I did. Sarah through us a wonderful party! 


I did my first race without any family or friends. It was one of the hardest races both because I trained along and because the course was incredibly hilly. My man took me out to a great breakfast afterwards which made the achy legs feel so much better! I enjoyed the triumph of my hard training, motivation, and cold runs. 


It was finally my time to move home! My mom came out and drove to Arizona with me. We stopped at Mount Rushmore and Denver, CO. Funniest moment: Driving north (farther from Arizona) when my mom told me she had already been to Mount Rushmore! I thought we were going for her sake, she thought we were going for my sake! Anyways, we made it there early in the morning, looked at the mountain for two minutes and continued driving. We had an amazing dinner at 4pm at a hotel in Denver and slept for almost 12 hours. It was such an awesome road trip!

June was also filled with memories of my man having surgery on his shoulder. I never experienced having someone I loved go through such a long surgery. I was heartbroken for him but ever so grateful that I was able to take care of him. He also moved to Arizona! I spent my summer days nannying my nieces and nephews and planning the wedding (also trying my best to not get burnt!)

My second bachelorette party was also this month! What a day!

My MOH did a great job of planning the fun day, and spoiled me with a great brunch a time with the ladies at a fun hotel downtown Phoenix. 


nothing really major happened this month... JK, talk about life changing events!

First: one of the most epic road trips I've ever been on. My man and I drove to Illinois through Denver to find an apartment. We did some serious shopping in 1 day and found our home. We crashed at his grandparents place for a night, drove to IL, slept, and drove to Michigan for his friends' wedding (which he stood in). Then 24 hours later we drove back to CO to sign our lease, and drove back to Arizona. All 1 week before our own wedding. #whatwasithinking. Crazy bride status but o so good for us. We enjoyed many hours of non-wedding talk which was bliss after months of wedding planning. 

That girl on the left flew in from WI for my big day. She was my right hand at the wedding and made everything better with her positive attitude, patience, and killer emergency purse. I enjoyed getting coffee right before we left for Flagstaff. It was such a precious moment filled with love, nerves, and laughs. 

 I finally got to wear my favorite dress! After hours of trying it on and fittings I got to show it to my man! And I finally got to marry my favorite person in the world. Man, I cannot believe that happened this year. So many wonderful moments on this day and so much love we were surrounded by on July 19, 2014.
The honeymoon was amazing as well. My husband did a great job planning it and I felt so spoiled. I never relaxed that hard in my life. Alaska has a special place in my heart. 


After moving out of Arizona and into an apartment, being anxious about finding jobs, and a solid week of no work we treated ourselves to a date night (with a gift card of course!). August was tough at first, but once I got used to a newlywed budge, and finding jobs I became more situated in Colorado and have loved it since then. 


Look who came to visit! My man and I loved showing Parker off to my parents. My husband and I had began to get settled into our routine, and I even started making biscuits for Sunday morning breakfast. I am all about starting traditions and loved that one. I also had some serious pizza fails in the kitchen (not so good memories).


 Look who came to visit! Just Kate, she flew by herself. JK! Her whole family came to visit and we loved having the Allison family out. My man and I also checked off a couple hikes on our CO Adventure list. We enjoyed delicious frozen yogurt after this one. Spending money is always a big deal and its always fun to spend it on treats! By now, I went full time at my job and was growing to love it.


I somewhat feel like we got initiated into the Colorado lifestyle after this hike. Over 8 miles and a crazy amount of elevation change we summited. It was so so hard. But the view was so pretty and worth the pain. However, I wasn't a fan of the elevation sickness I got. We tried to enjoy Boulder, CO but my stomach wasn't having it. It's sort of funny now, but at the moment I wanted to vomit. I went to bed incredibly early that night. My husband celebrated the achievement without me. Regardless, it was pretty amazing that the girl who hated hiking growing up, climbed up the mountain without stopping and sitting on rocks instead. No doubt this hike was a personal achievement.


 We spent our first Christmas together as a newlywed! We also took 2 road trips first to  IL to see this precious baby for the first time and to Arizona for Christmas. My brother in-laws son is a bundle of cuteness and chubby cheeks! We also enjoyed a special date night to a fancy restaurant thanks to a unexpected Christmas bonus. I enjoyed every minute with my husband opening gifts, looking at lights, and enjoying delicious dessert.

Wow, what a crazy year this has been! I've been on countless road trips, moved, and am falling in love with my husband every day. Sappy I know, but it's true. I am incredibly thankful for where the Lord has brought me and blessed me with. I quit one job, blessed with another. While sometimes it feels like we are trying to make ends meet I know we have enough we'll ever need. I am excited for 2015, to grow personally and as a wife. 

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