December 29, 2014

Arizona Christmas

This was the first year spending Christmas as a newlywed. And let me tell you, it was wonderful. I know I am pretty blessed having in-laws that I get along with. Both sets of parents live in Arizona, and most of our families live there too. Here's what we did to avoid any conflicts with both sides of the family.

Before arriving in Arizona my man and I decided what days and times we'd be witn either side of the family. I think making these decisions before being in the presence of our families allowed for more fair decisions. I think if we tried to make the decisions in the midst of the moment one family would be jipped of time.

Thankfully, my parents and in-laws had room in their houses for us to stay in. Staying at their houses was built in time. Aside of it being cheaper, we decided to stay at the houses because we would have wasted time traveling back and forth. It is always a small stretch for me to stay at the in-laws (really being a guest at any house gets me out of the comfort zone) but just enough that I can relax and learn to be flexible. 

My man and I shared Christmas morning with his family and Christmas Day Eve with my folks. We were thoroughly exhausted after a 12 hour drive but the excitement and fellowship kept us going (and a couple cups of joe). Two evenings with the Van Hofwegens and two evenings with the Hamstras followed. We enjoyed delicious food, a couple hikes, prepping pallets for a bar cart, and down time. We feel very blessed to have spent a few days with our families.

Morning Christmas with the Hamstas. 
My niece Addy is getting so big and I think she looks a little like me! 
We went and watched my sister chef it up at St. Francis in downtown Phoenix. 
A little afternoon hike with this gal. 
The ladies of the VH's. What a crew. 

Now we are off to CO. We are facing a new year and new adventures (like going Paleo!) and I cannot wait to tell you about them. Stay tuned folks. I am so excited for what 2015 holds as a wife. 

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  1. I loved the time I had with you guys, you will be missed. Glad to hear you are looking forward to 2015!