December 23, 2014

How we roll

As we are getting ready for a second road trip in two weeks I decided it'd be a good time to tell my tips on how to prepare for a long drive. As a lot of things lately, my husband and I try to do the road trips as cheap as possible. We try to stop only for gas stops and bathroom break. Which (unfortunately) are the same stop. Yup, my tiny bladder has to hold it longer than 2 hours. No good... Anyways, here's what I do to make a road trip cost less with less food stops.

1. Pack 1 main course for on the road. For both trips that will be/was dinner. Tuna sandwiches, yogurt, and carrots have been on the menu lately. I try to pick food that is easy to eat car and filling food.
2. Pack snacks. Road trip munchies are big in our car. The 1-3am shift isn't fun and is hard to stay awake from (from what I hear, my wonderful husband takes that shift :) ). I have been packing snacks that are easy to eat and somewhat healthful. Pretzels and wheat thins have been fueling us lately.
3. Pack Cliff bars. Or make your own granola bars.  I made these this week for our Arizona trip. I cannot wait to try them! We have been eating Cliff bars for breakfast on our trips. It's one less food bill and after sitting for hours eating a huge breakfast isn't always necessary.
4. Reusable water bottles. Staying hydrated is key for me. My man taught me a trick I felt embarrassed I didn't know before. Refill your water bottle from the water spout on the soda fountain! DUH! What a money saving tip that was.

We have been pretty good road trip buddies lately. We got our system down. So down, I dip his carrots in peanut butter so all two hands are on the wheel. Safety first friends! In less than 24 hours we will be heading to Arizona. Half our food is packed and the other half is waiting to be made. Cannot wait to spend Christmas with our families!

P.S. How we roll back is a different story. We try to fuel up on a big breakfast and make only 1 food stop. We will see how it goes this time. Hopefully snatch some food from the parent's house!

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