January 8, 2015

Going Paleo

Don't worry, I'm not becoming a food blogger. It might seem that way because the first post after announcing my re-inspiration I share a food story. But I wanted to share a little about a new adventure in the kitchen. At the first of the year my husband and I went Paleo! You might be thinking "new years resolution?" Nope. We are doing a lifestyle change.

We decided to change our eating habits in late November. We waited to take action in January because we wanted to avoid the stress during the holidays. You're probably wondering why we chose the grainless, legume-less, nuts, meats, and vegetable diet. I'll tell you! My father-in-law has diabetes along with his father. I have some stomach issues. It's never been tested but lets just say that anything that tastes delicious, has grains, is super sweet, or just loaded with ingredients I'm down for the count. I've been getting pretty good at ignoring the stomach aches, but I have been really lethargic these past few months. Working with kids and being lethargic just do not go together. My husband also had concerns about getting diabetes after having sore toes for a couple days. These two things combined guided us to this decision.

Let's be real, I was VERY reluctant at first. This wasn't the first time I (we) tried Paleo. For one week two years ago we both tried the diet and did not have great results. I was not feeling up to going through a hungry and grumpy week again. But... I can proudly say the first dreaded week is over and I am pretty happy with how it went! I did not have any grain withdrawals, rather without my morning bowl of oatmeal I had more energy than pre-paleo.I did not feel like I needed a second cup of coffee!

Meal planning was challenging. It looks good on paper, but for some reason I did not do so good shopping. Our Sunday night pizza is no longer in the plans which makes me sad. Even though I fought a battle with the pizza I treasured the tradition we were building. I've been worried about how we will stick to our budget and have enough food. Holy moly do we eat a lot of vegetables and meat! I know that this month will be hard, but I know eventually going Paleo will pay off.

Stay tuned for more Paleo notes. Maybe I'll post a recipe or two. But if you have any ideas for us let me know! I need some tips and dinner ideas.

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