January 15, 2015

Creating a positive image

During a conversation with a co-worker I noted the multiple times they mentioned something negative towards their significant other. It made me sad and created an unfavorable image of said person. I have not even met the person! Not fair to them and co-worker. I doubt that was their intention because, let's face it, girls sometimes need to vent! But it got me thinking how I communicate to my co-workers about my husband.

If I could have it my way the whole world would know that my husband is my knight in shining armor. The whole world would know that he's the best husband around. But the reality is I don't shout those things on rooftops and try to keep the love announcements to a minimum. I don't walk into my classroom everyday and share that my husband scraped ice off my car (even though he really did and I wanted to tell everyone!). Those things get old for some people. I do however, make any mention of my husband a positive comment.

Why? I believe the way I talk about my husband reflects Christ. On the outside when someone hears husband they think (at least I hope) promise, vows, through good and bad, etc. Promises and sticking together through the good and bad cannot happen without the Lord's grace. Mentioning negative attributes about my husband deflates Jesus' gift. I automatically put a negative image in their mind about my husband. If they know I'm a believer they might think that is an okay action to take part in. They assume Christians are not set a part in that department. On a more surface level, whenever my husband gets to meet my co-workers they have the negative images in their minds affecting their impression.

Don't get me wrong, I don't pretend everything in my marriage is 100% perfect but I don't let the petty things interfere with how I communicate to my co-workers. To avoid that trap I mentally remind myself to communicate positive. It's easy to start communicating negatively when others do it so willingly.

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