November 26, 2014

Day 5: Family

Today I am giving thanks for my family.

I think I write about my family every year on Thanksgiving. But some things never change. Now that I am married my family has extended to the in-laws. This year I get to give thanks for them and my Van Hofwegen family.

I was reminded again this year how much my family loves me. Their continued support for my wedding/marriage and move to Colorado demonstrated to me that they will always have my back. I had the privilege of having all my siblings in my wedding. From bridesmaids, to groomsmen, to ushers they were there supporting a huge life choice. Not to mention they dragged their little ones hours away from home without noting the inconvenience of a destination wedding. (side note: I am so thankful for all the little children my siblings have brought into this world. I miss spending time with them and being apart of their lives. I love that I get to be an aunt to some amazing kiddos).  It boggles my mind when I hear others say they don't get along with their siblings. It's a reminder that what I have isn't always the case.

I am thankful for parents who don't hold anything against me when I moved away from Arizona. It was one of the hardest things seeing my parents sadden when I left. But I know that while they were sad I had 100% of their support for my decision. I always have to remind them that calling/texting isn't bothering me. Staying in touch is the easiest way to eliminate homesickness. I don't get to spend Thanksgiving with the crew this year. And I have been praying homesickness stays away. I love our holiday traditions.

I have some pretty great in-laws. Talk about being against the norm! I get along with my in-laws and they welcomed me into their family long before my husband and I got married. The Hamstra's do things a little different than the Van Hofwegen's which is really good for me. I'm used to a structure while my new family is all about going with the flow. I need that and have learned to become like that little by little. I am looking forward to spending (my first) Thanksgiving with the Hamstra's. It will be their first visit to Parker and I cannot wait to show them our life here.

I give thanks for both sides of the family this Thanksgiving. While we moved away from them, and it's incredibly hard to see photos of family gatherings, I know we have their support which makes this adventure a little easier.

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