November 23, 2014

Day 2: Materials

Day 2: Materials 

On my second day of the series I am giving thanks for the things that fill my house. It might feel uncomfortable to give thanks for things that can disappear in an instant. I know that Christians are not to store up treasures on earth. And by giving thanks I am not putting my value and worth in the things I have, but rather I am counting them as blessings.

I am giving thanks today for the cars, computer, TV, and kitchen appliances that I have been blessed with. I was given these materials by a handful of different people. I would have never been able to purchase these materials on my own. Rather, gracious people have given me these things. I will be the first to admit that I have some nice stuff. I give thanks for these things because they are a constant reminder of much other people in my life have blessed me. These people have given and set the example for me to give. I always do my best to allow others use the materials I have. It was a little easier in college to share these things. For example, if a roommate needed a car or computer to use I would offer mine up. I want to give like those who gave to me.

My husband and I often pray a prayer of thanks for the things we have. We know we have a lot of newlyweds. I pray that I never forget how blessed we/I am.

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