November 22, 2014

Six Days of Thanks

To prolong and celebrate the upcoming holiday I am going to write 6 Days of Thanks. Each day I will state what I am thankful for and why. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday and I think it deserves more than one day of attention. Any celebration that brings people together with food is a good one. But Thanksgiving is special because it always encourages a time of reflection.

Day 1: A Healthy Body

I am so thankful the Lord has blessed me with a healthy body. I am even more thankful for the healthy lifestyle ingrained in me when I was young. I know I wouldn't have the habits I have now if it wasn't for the years of high school basketball and track. I decided to take running up after I quit basketball in college. Making running a habit was really hard. For a long time I hated it. Especially when I decided to make my morning run a habit. But I know that if I didn't make that decision I wouldn't be happy with myself or my body.

I am always thankful for my messed up stomach. I actually can't stand that get stomach aches after almost anything packaged, not made at home, or delicious. My husband says the better it taste the worse my stomach aches are. That's about 98% true. However, my stomach issues redirect my eating habits. I don't always make the right ones but I do my best to make healthful eating habits. When I do my stomach, body, and soul feels better.

I am thankful for the two decisions. Without exercising and good eating habits I would be a whole different Victoria. I thank the Lord everyday for a body that has the ability to work out. I thank him everyday to remind myself to never make running/working out/good eating habits as an idol.

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