October 18, 2014

Another week. Another Meal Plan.

I have always loved meal planning. I tried my hand it at while living alone my last semester in college. Now, with a husband, jobs, and a budget meal planning is one chore we continually rely on.

Pros of meal planning: It saves time. It saves money. Eliminates the question "What's for dinner?"

I will admit it was difficult to meal plan with a very limited budget. Finding cheap and healthful recipes are hard to come by. It has been and still is a process of knowing what websites and cookbooks to use. I have noticed there is always a cheaper and easier recipe than the one I am first drawn to.

I have cut down the amount of time it takes to meal plan. The first time I did it, I felt like it was homework! It took me about an hour. I have cut that time in half. Sometimes, I do get distracted by all the recipes on Pinterest. But hey, who doesn't!

Here is a look at our meal plan for this week.

Breakfast: Either leftover biscuits, cereal, or oatmeal.

Sunday: Breakfast: Biscuits
              Lunch- Tuna Melts and Yogurt
              Dinner- Tomato and Basil Pizza

Weekday lunch: Pbnj, fruit, and a snack. Our snack this week will be between pretzels and tortilla chips.

Monday: Black Bean Soup

Tuesday: Tennis Banquet (we will eat there!)

Wednesday- Tuna Noodle Casserole

Thursday:- Small Group (we normally bring a side, but that doesn't get decided until the day of)

Friday- Leftover casserole

Saturday- Beef Tacos

So not glamours. But with this kind of plan we stay on budget! And I've been able to convinced my husband that a meatless meal doesn't harm us!! I am thankful we both enjoy casseroles because that makes one night I don't have to cook.

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