September 9, 2014

Day 9: Old

I know that a lot of my posts' have dealt with the wedding lately. Hopefully, I don't bore you but there were a lot of details most people didn't know about. And I love telling stories of such a wonderful day.

Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed. Something Blue. 

if you look beyond the cuteness of these cute girls, you can see the bracelet. 

Have you ever heard of this saying? After doing a little research I found that it's an Old English rhyme meant for good luck. The bride would wear four objects describe in the rhyme for good luck charms. While, I'm not into good luck charms I did participate. There is something traditional about the rhyme.

I wore my grandmother's bracelet for something old. I had always wanted to wear something of my grandmothers. She wasn't able to make it to my wedding but I still wanted to represent her. Especially because the wedding fell on her birthday. My mother and I visited her one day. I asked if I could look for a bracelet to wear. I had never scene her this thrilled. She took us into her bedroom immediately! This was the first time EVER that I had been in her room before. She was so sweet to show me her pieces of jewelry and protect the ones she didn't want me to have. Those were the pieces that my grandpa had given her and held significant memories. I walked away with a gold and pearl piece. I loved wearing it on her birthday.

I got to keep the bracelet. I often wear it to church. And it brings me memories of her and the wedding.

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