September 8, 2014

Day 8: Animal

My favorite animal is a giraffe.

I hardly know any facts about this animal. I don't have extensive knowledge about their living conditions or where they rank on the food chain (although I'm guessing higher than most). The love for the animal came when I was a little girl. Every once in a while my whole family would go shopping. Typically that happened after we cleaned out our closet, got rid of bags full of clothes, or when we needed new school clothes. It was a treat! Especially if we got to go to the nice mall. We are talking about a 40+ drive for this mall. The best.

At the mall there was a toy store that had a massive giraffe. The stuffed animal stood higher than me by a couple feet. Imagine a life size baby giraffe. I was always tempted to sit on it. And I ALWAYS asked if I could get it (answer was no). I knew it matched my room colors. But I had no idea what else I was going to do with it. I just wanted the big stuffed animal to guard my room. When we visited the toy store I would stand in awe in this beauty of an animal.

Since then my answer to "What is your favorite animal" is giraffe. If someone asked why I'd probably say "because they are pretty".

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