September 6, 2014

Day 6: Beach

Irritating. Dirty. Sunburn. Dry Skin.

I know, not your typical words used to describe the beach. But those are the words I use if I am on the beach longer than 1 day. My husband was smart enough to not chose a beach location for our honeymoon. Why? Well, I don't find the beach romantic. Ask any family member and they will tell you that I become a little irritated after a day on the beach. I've been on a few family trips to Hawaii. You can bet I always voted to go to the beach with the grass next to the sand. Deciding on whether or not to go into the water was always an internal battle. Mounds of sand were in my way between the water and grass. I'd more often than not chose to fight the sand due to my siblings encouragement. But boy was I always excited to be back on the grass.

I'm not really sure where this dislike of the beach came from. I remember a picture in my childhood scrapbook of me as a baby. I was plopped down on the sand and crying my little heart out. It's a bummer really. Whenever an opportunity arises to go to the beach (which is rare-thankgoodness) I have to muster up a lot of fake excitement. I know that almost everyone else in this world enjoys the beach, so I hate taking away that excitement.

 I do appreciate that pretty views that come from sunsets by the beach. But I'm 100% okay enjoying those views from a picture. On grass. With clean feet.

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