September 5, 2014

Day 5: Flower

I'm writing this post on our dinner table. On our center piece stands a vase full of fake flowers. White little ones on long stems. There is a stock of cherries that brighten up the centerpieces. These little white flowers are special because they were part of the centerpieces for our wedding. One evening my sisters came over to do some DIY for the wedding. I gave them free reign and they came up with a great way to decorate bricks with these little ones. Now, I am reminded of the fun evening and the wedding day when I look at the dinner table. 

I have so many memories attached to flowers. It's always interesting how one color or type of flower will arise a different memory. In addition to the memory of the white flowers, if I see a yellow rose I think of my grandpa, or the time my man sent me flowers while he was at OCS. If I see a large mix bouquet that will remind me of how my dad will buy my mother flowers at random times. 

How can you make a memory for someone today?

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