September 29, 2014

Day 29: Bedding

Sometime during high school I wanted to redo my bedroom. I had my eye on this bedding I saw in a magazine. The bed looked comfy, puffy and welcoming. That's what I wanted my bed to be. So my sister and I drove to the mall. We purchased the comforter with no knowledge that we needed the bedskirt and pillows to match. We just had enough money for the comforter and I was happy. When I came home with just that my mother was a little confused. She came to the rescue and completed the makeover by purchasing entire set. Little naive me.

That purchase has lasted me a long time. The married me is sporting the same bedding. Thankfully, it is reversible so we try and keep it on the side the single me didn't use all the time. Trying to make new memories from the old. Now, I'm crushing on this bedding. Simple and classic.

By the way, anyone else have trouble keeping their bedding on during the night? Somehow ours ends up on the ground no matter how hot or cold it is. And the bedskirt is getting a little worn. The thing grew over the years and is to big from my frame. So if anyone knows how to make it fit better tips are welcomed!

PSA: Our bedding is still on our registry! And on sale! 

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