September 28, 2014

Day 28: Your House

Oh the wonderful things that I can say about my house. Well apartment really but it's the form of house I live in and love. The one bedroom apartment is exactly what my husband and I needed for our first year of marriage. It's big enough for all of our stuff but small enough that maintain it. It only takes 30 minutes to clean. With that stat you really cannot complain. The new furniture mixed with the old make our apartment unique. Here are 3 fun facts about our house.

  1. My favorite room is our bedroom, but the most time spent is the kitchen. 
  2. The wine barrel, located between our dining area and living area, is from our wedding reception. We are thinking about using it as a bar cart. 
  3. The kitchen table (which was from my man's Grandma) is used more as my desk than our kitchen table. 
With that all said, I've noticed that more and more it's not about the physical house that's your home. It's the person/people you are with that make it your home. During my four years at college it was always hard to say goodbye to my parents after a visit. They were my home. Not the house in Arizona but the people who understood how to comfort me. They knew how to make me feel most at home when I was a thousand miles away from AZ.

After my parent's visit last weekend I expected a deep aching in my heart like I always got in college. Not to say that I didn't get sad and almost cry at work but I felt okay. I felt at home because I could walk into the apartment and know that my husband was my home. He was now the person that I could leave everything I knew, all the people I love most, and still be happy. With him I still felt at home. 

I know that's sort of corny but really think about it. Think about why you are so happy with your home. Is it really the fancy kitchen appliances, or the spacious bathroom, or soft carpet? Or is it the voices, tears, and laughs filling the house? If we paused a second today and admire our house I bet we would realize how great our house really is. 

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