September 27, 2014

Day 27: Love

Everyday I am married I learn what love means. I have only been married for two months and I know that some people call it the honeymoon stage. While I realize that probably is true I have a strong faith that our outward expression of our love won't fade even after 20 years. Right now our outward expression is so strong because our inward love is so strong. I want both of those things to be true for our lifetime.

The patience my man has for me is endless. The servants heart he has for me reflects the one of our Lord. The words he says (because he knows my love language is affirmation) encourages to me to be the best Victoria there is... EVERY SINGLE DAY. I do my best to give those things back to my man. While he probably wouldn't admit it he has such an influence on others. And I want to be like him in those virtues.

From the past two months I have learned that having patience, having a servants heart, and using affirming words are not easy. It's not easy to wake up everyday and think "what can I do for him to make his day easier" when all you want to do is take a midday nap between jobs. It's not easy to have patience when all your patience was used up on the kiddos at work. The second I see my man's truck drive up I take a deep breath. I try and remember how much my man does for our family without complaining. It always humbling.

I've been thinking a lot about a triangle our pastor showed us in premarital counseling. The wife on the left corner, the husband on the right, and God at the top. Whenever each of us becomes closer to God we become closer as a couple. I mention the triangle in today's post because if we think about God's love wouldn't we want to be closer to him? You know his crazy, endless, unthinkable love. Doesn't thinking about that kind of love make you want to love others in that way? When moving up the triangle we understand how to love God better and then understand how to love others. We would understand how the Jesus continually had a servants heart everyday of his life. And hopefully, we would be able to demonstrate that love to our spouse, friends, or siblings.

How can you better love others today?

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