September 22, 2014

Day 22: Outfit

It's not normal that I have a picture of any outfits, especially ones that I like. But, my church outfit was captured this weekend. It's accompanied by three above average outfits too. 

My parents came to visit us Hamstra's this weekend. I am so thankful for the time that was spent laughing, eating, driving, and baking. Breakfast outside Saturday morning and panini's (made with ingredients from the farmers market) and games on Sunday were my two favorite activities. 

It was a joy to show my parents the life we are creating here in Parker. It's always hard to say goodbye. I don't think that will ever get easier. 

Fun fact of my outfit: this was my second option. The first didn't make the cut due to a dress malfunction ten minutes before leaving for church. Never do I want to be late, especially when others are waiting for you. This skirt has been a go-to lately. It came in clutch Sunday when I needed to pull an outfit together in a hurry. 

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  1. but the lavendar shirt is so perfect :) skirts for shirts.