September 15, 2014

Day 15: Purse

I have an odd relationship with purses. Some days I cannot stand them and other days I consider them pretty useful.

The women in my family tend to be non purse women. We always make a comment about how useful they are when we have our hands full of keys, wallets, phones, and chapstick. But yet, when walking out the door we don't grab them. Instead, we leave the house with full hands. Maybe that is why I am not a purse person. I've always been used to my mother carrying around her wallet. And stuffing her jeans full of the other stuff. Or seeing her make my dad carry the lipstick on date night. Now, here I am with two brown purses and multiple clutches. I do carry a purse to work, but any other time I am walking out the door with my hands full.

There is a whole list of stipulations that must be met when buying a new purse. It has to be stable, pockets on the outside, a slot for the phone, not to big, not to small, and not to deep. If it's to deep you loose everything in it. And digging it out is like digging for gold. By the time you need the phone you've already missed the phone call. Pointless. That's what back pockets are for.

I do admire those who have good style with purses. They do add a lot to an outfit. That's why I am thankful for my brown tot purse. It's the most "stylish" one I have and I'll admit when I carry it I feel pretty legit. Like I have a grown up job or something.

So now consider yourself informed about my daily dilemma with purses. I hope it wasn't a waste of your precious time.

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