August 1, 2014

Quick update

Don't tell my husband that I'm taking a quick break from applying to jobs to write a post!

Yup, you read it correctly, I wrote husband. The brief period of absence was due to getting married, going on a honeymoon, and moving to Colorado. Holy cow there could be so many posts about the life changing events that happened in the past two weeks. But here is a quick summary:

Our wedding was incredible. I have the best family and friends. They made this day extra special by the attention to details (like being on time!) and the excitement they had for my man and I. Best part of the day: the reveal moment and showing my man my wedding dress and being embraced my him. Nothing like a hug to calm my nerves.

Our honeymoon was relaxing. Alasaka is a state every person should visit. The beauty the state holds blows my mind. I slept in (which never happens), ate, and hiked. And saw bears.

Our move was crazy. But, we moved in, unpacked, made a trip to Ikea and set up our home. I feel blessed to have extended in-law family help unpack. And I feel bless by all the gifts guests' so graciously gave to us. We were able to furnish our apartment and create a place we are proud of.

I hope to post pictures soon. We get internet at the apartment soon! Until then check out a sneak peak of our wedding photos at here.

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