August 6, 2014


Good news! We got internet in the apartment. Here's to more posts!

7.19.2014 was a beautiful day. A day filled with nerves, smiles, laughter, tears, and a name change. I never in a million years thought I would marry the man I did. But, the Lord knows best and gave me more than I ever deserve. 

To be honest, I had a terrible fear that the 19th wouldn't come. That it was to good to be true and something bad would happen. That shows how much doubt I have in our Lord. One that is hard to admit but now a good reminder to continual trust him. 

I'm so thankful the 19th came because while it was an overwhelming day it was a day filled with love. Of course love from my man, but also from the five bridesmaids and one personal assistant who continually made sure I didn't need anything. Love from my mothers who made sure others were taking care of. Love from friends who came from different states to see us two get married. Love found in the scripture we read Psalm 91. While typically not a wedding passage it was a good reminder of where our strength is found in.

I don't remember a whole lot about the ceremony. Ask me what the church look like and I'd fail that test. But, ask me the look my man gave me when I first saw him and I'll probably tear up with a wonderful memory. It's was like I won! All the secrets I had been keeping from him paid off! 

Weddings can be a lot of fluff sometimes. Even while going through the planning process we chose against some of the typical wedding events. The goal I kept in mind throughout the 6 months: creating a night to be with family and friends. I believe we achieved that goal, and I think a large part of that was taking out the dance. Instead, we had large scale board games outside, family sized dinner tables, and our bridal party and their dates sit with us at the head table. 

If I had to give a new bride some tips I'd tell her: 
1. Don't get annoyed if the groom doesn't want or have interest in planning. That's normal. 
2. If you don't want a wedding cake don't have one. If you don't want any flowers don't. Stick to what you like to make your wedding unique. 
3. Keep it small. If possible, only invite those that have made an impact in your life. It makes the day more meaningful. 
4. There are a thousand things you and your groom will be doing that day. Don't forget to take a moment to soak up all the memories. And don't be surprised if you feel like you hardly talked to him. It's a whirlwind!
5. Elope. I'm not kidding. Weddings and drama are synonymous. If you hate drama like me then make a run for it. 

Below are a few photos from our Capsule. I will share with you the photographers photos once we have them! If you have any photos you want to share enter: 7TFCF and you'll be able to view more and upload yours. 

Mr. and Mrs. Right before we got announced. 

Dad and I watching the bridal party going down the aisle. 

My sweet Addy. Getting her ready! 

My crew on our way to Flagstaff. 

Had to put this one in there, my cool siblings, being themselves. 

The flower girls loving their white dresses. 

Thankful my Grandma was able to make it. Missed having my other Grandma their but was able to wear her bracelet.  

The VH sisters. 

Probably the best personal assistant a bride could ask for. When I ask if she could make an emergency kit, I didn't know it'd come with different compartments and disguised as a purse. What a gal! 

Instead of walking back to the reception hall, the bridal party hopped into the back of my dad's truck. Fun fact: I had to be lifted into it because I couldn't bend in my dress. Thank goodness for strong men!

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