July 14, 2014

Road trip.

While waiting for a wedding ceremony to start an old friend asked "So, Victoria what's going on in your life?" My response "Well, I'm getting married in a week."

My man was in the wedding which took place in Grand Rapids, MI. So, we decided to road trip out there. We planned to make a stop in Colorado to visit his grandparents.  We made these plans about a month ago. A long time before we knew he got the job in Castle Rock. It's funny how those things work out.

Her reaction to my response has been the typical facial expression. Both, surprised and bewildered that I was away from the wedding plans a week out. To be honest, I feel the same way. I'm not sure leaving it all in Arizona was the best thing. I know I have quite a bit of details to put together. But at the same time, what a relief it has been to not think or do wedding things. Instead, I'm spending some time with the fiancé (and a whole lot of it in the car) and watching a couple get married and go through the emotions I'm facing in five days.

We've been pretty productive this trip. After driving through the night we apartment shopped all day and found one we liked. Neither of us planned on coming back through CO but we decided on a place and signed the lease today! His grandparents let us stay at the house again. And boy, has it been a blessing to have a place to sleep.

I'm not sure how we haven't bickered more. I love my man, but there is only so much car time two people can take. We've done well. We've had fun. But, it's time to go home and start our wedding week!

P.s. I realize it's suppose to be Monday Motivation time. Don't worry I got a few more hours left and lots of thinking time.

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