July 8, 2014

Next stop, Colorado

After what it seems like, endless posts about worrying, and questions after question my man and I finally have an answer. He has accepted a coaching job in Castle Rock, CO. We will be moving to Colorado after the wedding! To be honest, that is the only answer we have for right now. We do not know where we'll live and I do not have a job. But, I am so so thankful that we have at least one answer.

When I first sat down to write this post, I left it unfinished. My hope that when I came back to it I could provide more answers. But, it doesn't appear to be happening. And, it just seems fitting that my man and I will be driving to Colorado tonight to look for apartments. So, I figured why not just post it now and write again when we have more to say.

The reactions I get from other's who ask why Colorado or if I have a job there (and I say no) and priceless. Some appear to think we are crazy; others are in full support. Why, you might ask, did we choose CO? Yes, my man's job, but also because we are excited to start a new life together, outside of the comfort of our families. Our hope is that we will become more established as a couple and discover our own traditions, tendencies, and values as a family.

I am really excited for the next adventure in front of us. Not only because it will take me out of this Arizona heat, but because of all the new stories I'll be able to tell you.

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