July 7, 2014

Weekly update and Monday's Motivation.

Well shoot. Another week has come and gone and I didn't get a chance to post in between the Monday Motivation's. Before I present you with that here is what I've been up to.

Monday: I got a personal day- filled with a doctor's appointment, lunch at my sister's work, and shopping.
Tuesday: I took the kiddo's to the Phoenix Children's Museum. What a hoot that was. Being inside for a day was as much of a treat for them as it was for me.
Wednesday: We (kids (side note: these "kids" are not mine, but my beautiful niece and nephews I got to nanny for a few weeks) and I) went to Uncle Aaron's house for a swim day. While I didn't do so well with the sunscreen application, all the kids fell asleep in the car and went to bed before their bedtime. It was a win in the fun department.
Thursday: Wedding errands were done. And another round of inside entertainment.
Friday: Thankful it was cooler on the fourth then it has been. So we headed to the splash pad during the day, and a BBQ at night.

Overall, a very fun week. I am so thankful that I got to be hang out with my niece and nephew for a few weeks. The have so much joy in their little bodies. Sometimes, it can get a little loud but I am always amazed at how much running in the grass or playing with sand brings so much contentment.

Before I sat down to write this post I didn't know what tomorrow's motivation was going to be. But, maybe that's it. Maybe the kids' joy from the simplest things have motivated me. I want to enjoy running in the grass just as much as kids do. Let's do that this week. Maybe don't take that as literally as that sounds, because let's be real you might look like a crazy person. But enjoy something like it's the first time experiencing it. Really truly enjoy being with your siblings, or cooking, or playing a game with your kids.

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