June 27, 2014

DIY: Wedding Projects

Wedding projects are the theme around these parts. This week. Giant Jenga and checkers.

Dad, my sister, nephew (nanny duties) and I made a quick trip to Home Depot. Nothing like trying to make a quick trip with a 3-year old. I am so thankful for a father with a truck, and a saw. I tend to get some crazy ideas that require power tools. Power tools that I should probably not use on my own. Gavin and I measured the 2x4's and my dad sawed all 48 10 1/2 inch pieces. While working out in the heat is not my favorite thing, it was a good reminder of the hard work my father endures daily. We busted our the giant jenga in about 2 hours. The checker board was a little more of a project. But, my matron of honor graciously took over the precise project. I am thrilled with the outcome of the projects. We all got along and did our best work. I cannot wait for the games to be put to use at the reception.

(side note, if you're going to paint a checker board- make sure to put something underneath the canvas drop cloth. Or, you'll end up with a checker board on your tile floor, like us).

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