June 26, 2014

Job searching

I've been doing a lot of job searching lately. Indeed.com has become my newest Pinterest. Everyday I check to see what new jobs have been posted. It's not as inspiring as Pinterest nor do you feel as guilty after spending an hour on it. Sometimes I find one or two jobs that I'm interested and more often than not, I'm not qualified for it. But here three tips to stay motivated while looking through job postings.

1. Try using different search words. Sticking to one word (for example, I would use "events" a lot) will limit you to few postings. Get creative with what words you search with. I have found a new interest in planning events for children programs because I used "children".
2. Break up the search and application time. We all know applying to jobs takes time. Sometimes, I feel like searching for the jobs takes longer than finding the jobs. If possible, do the search at a different time then the applying.
3. Don't take it personal. Rejections are pretty normal. If you get the no, realize that is is narrowing down your search.

Happy searching!

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