May 21, 2014


I am always thrilled when my mom comes to visit me in Illinois. This time around she came to help me pack and attend my less wedding dress fitting. We were able to get some shopping in, which if I'm honest made the to do list before packing did.

I'm now living on a minimalist approach. It was a good challenge to eliminate what I really didn't need and live off only the essentials. 

I have been so nervous about my dress fitting. Thankfully it did! Now, it just needs to fit in 59 days. And it looks just wonderful. We got to walk out of there with it in hand. My mom had the joy  and challenge of traveling home with it. 
Seeing your dress in the TSA security line isn't the most comforting thing. But hey! My mom made it back safe and my dress is "breathing" as my mom put it at home. Hurray! This post could be titled the Adventures of the Wedding Dress. Between the texts my mom sent me and my imagination I'm sure the post could be filled with a great storyline. 

I am blessed by my future in-laws willingness to let me use their moving truck to move my belongings to Arizona. The truck is leaving before I am so I had to pack my belongings up on Monday. My mom has years of packing experience and I'm pretty good about thinking ahead so between our skills I managed to pack everything up on 8 boxes labeled for post-wedding and 1 for  my temporary stay in Arizona. My handsome fiancĂ© came in clutch witn the moving van and Tetris skills to help us get everything into storage for the time being. 

I am always encouraged by my mothers visits. It's always good hearing the scoop
on my family and on life at home. And being reminded I have that support system at home. (Home- at some point I will need to redefine what home is). 

I'm also so thankful for visits because it's a good reason to get some froyo! 

Some of you may be wondering why the temporary stay in Arizona. Well, I have 8 weeks without a lease on my apartment. 8 weeks with no job. 8 weeks before the wedding... to do... all things wedding. What's after that? We (still) aren't sure. 

If you were needing a reason to stay tuned into My Dutch Story there you go. Hopefully, soon I can start writing about the places my man and I will go next.

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