May 23, 2014

Morning routine

In case you didn't know, I'm a pretty routine person. Like I work best when I have a schedule. My morning one is one of my best routines I can think of. 

My mornings before work consist of waking up about 6:20 am and getting in a 30 minute run. Or earlier when I was training for the 10 miler. Get a good stretch in and make oatmeal. Yup, even what I eat for breakfast is routine. But yet, it always taste great. For some reason, my oatmeal never lets me down. 

I discovered that it takes effort to keep brown sugar fresh, so I made the switch to adding cinnamon to the oats while cooking. It makes the house smell good and adds the perfect amount of sweetness. I add half a banana and sometimes if I have nuts I add those. I've been needing a little extra so I've been eating rice cakes with peanut butter. Sometimes oatmeal doesn't stay long with me so the rice cake keeps me a little fuller through the work day. 

And of course, this is all accompanied by a cup of coffee. I've been using the 365 Wholefoods brand lately. It comes in a big sealable container making it stay fresh longer. 

Devos follow breakfast. Getting some time with The Lord has been a habit I needed to teach myself and one that took some time to learn. But, one that I see the difference it makes when I continue the habit. 

It's a quick race to whip up my lunch (PBnJ and smoothie) and off to the shower to get out the door in 50 minutes. Sometimes I always amazes myself in how I'm always running late but yet get to work on time.

So there you have it. A post about something that I do daily and something that I think I do well. 

*other ways for oatmeal: 
overnight oats are good on a hot day.
 baked oats are good for a cold day. 

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  1. You are the reason I eat oatmeal, and it has become a part of my routine too!