May 28, 2014

Apt 11-1D

My time in apartment 11-1D is coming to a close. Daily, I'm reminded that I'm moving out in just over a week. The new gal has her stuff packed in one side of the apartment just waiting to get situated. The whole minimal approach thing is going alright... expect when I realized I needed to do laundry earlier than normal.

This place holds a lot of memories. Some really great. Some not so good. And others just right smack dap in the middle. I have learned a lot from living in this place. Owning (well.... renting) your own space gives you a new understanding on how to take care of your belongings. Thankfully,  I had some pretty great roommates pass through here. No cat fights happened. And no one broke the single household rule: no boys sleeping over (that is unless Sarah, you're not telling me something).

Here are my top five memories from the past year.

  1. Learning to cook. It has become a favorite of mine to come home from work, turn on the country music, and try my attempt at cooking something delicious. I'm thankful for the lessons provided in this kitchen. I'm thankful for the gas oven that gave me death scares. I'm thankful for learning to live without a microwave. 
  2. The view from my kitchen window. Alongside my morning routine I sit in the same spot everyday to ensure I start my day looking out on the Lord's creation. I've seen seemingly endless snowfalls, bright lightning, and green grass all accompanied with heavy thoughts or a cheerful heart. 
  3. Mail.  This memory holds especially special during last summer. I'd check the mailbox once, sometimes twice when my man was gone at OCS. Receiving the little white envelope with his handwriting was nothing short than like eating the crust on the pie. It made my day. Every time. And now, even with him here, I enjoy receiving mail. 
  4. Getting locked out. By myself and my roommate. Thankfully, my apartment is on the bottom floor so I learned how to break into my own house.  Getting locked out sort of makes you appreciate being inside more; especially after standing in the rain and being locked out at 1:30am.
  5. Visitors. My house isn't the first place to have a party. Just add two more bodies in here and it begins to feel crowded. But yet,  I've been lucky to have my sisters, niece, and mom stay here. I've been blessed to have friends over, and one AWESOME graduation party. A party where there weren't enough serving bowls and it was standing room only. 
I will always have a positive memory of this place. Even the hot summer days and the freezing cold winter nights. 

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  1. What a special post! I have such sweet memories of living in 11-1D with you. And you are SO spunky for putting in the line about sleep overs!