May 17, 2014

After work walks.

I started attending a women's bible study a few months ago. Unfortunately, we had our last meeting because it was with a lot of Trinity girls and everyone is going back to their respected homes or off to new adventures. For our last session we gathered with the prompt in mind "How has God been faithful to you this year?" While we didn't actually get to that question, because sometimes good conversation flows without a prompt, I left the session still asking myself that.

To be honest, I felt disappointed in myself that I couldn't come up with a prominent answer. I don't doubt he hasn't shown his faithfulness, I think sometimes I'm a little to proud to think I always need him to make things work. Well, I know that is completely false and daily I remind myself to humble myself before the Lord.  (That could be a whole other post in of itself)... I kept asking myself that day, how has the Lord shown his faithfulness? After work I went for a walk. Here are my thoughts:

The Lord's faithfulness is prevalent everyday. First, he blessed me with the opportunity to work in IL leading to growth in my man and mine's relationship. And growth within myself. I've learned that even if work isn't what I want it to be, I can and need to be happy because it's a job. I've learned to be more confident in my work and in homely skills.

Secondly, the Lord showed his love to me everyday through the people around me. I have never felt alone since the beginning on January. Homesickness has taken a back seat which, if you've been a follower for a while, you know that is a big deal. The feeling of aloneness has passed; even on the days when I do not see my fiancé or friends. I have learned to fall into the embrace of my Lord first. Everyday. Then, fall into the embrace of my fiancé and friends. The Lord has been faithful to me by guiding me through these past five months with small acts of love from others. Sometimes, it was the text from my mom, the phone call from my sisters, or the kickboxing with my friends. A other points it was the protection and security provided by my man. Whatever it was, large and small, I know the Lord has been faithful to me. He hasn't left me hanging to dry. He hasn't left me wondering what next (with complete silence). He has showed me each day that I'm not alone in this life. That while I have friends and family who love me, I first and foremost have Him to rely on.

I left the forest preserve thankful for the time to clear my head and reflect. Reflect on the past five months and use these thoughts as a reminder for the next five months.

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