May 3, 2014


My co-worker and I listen to K-Love in the office. I'm grateful for the music choice. It's both easy to block out when needed but also a good motivator. They recently just ended the Spring Pledge Drive. The station is listener supported so they can play music without commercials.

I write this post with no intentions to bash their ministry. I write because after a week and half of listening to express my thoughts, and to get you thinking about, the way they go about their pledge drive.

I am 100% behind their mission of K-Love. I am thankful this station can be found all across the country. And they are an active part of the communities. I also believe it's important to give. And I see no wrong in pledging to K-Love.

However, after listening to the talk show hosts, I felt a little disappointed on how they asked for pledges. The talk show hosts communicate in a way that gives more power to the giver. The giver  saves the listener. They repeatedly said if you give another person will be saved. If you give, you save a child from dying of hunger (because if you pledge $40 a month, Feed My Starving Children would feed a child in need). In a way, those things can be true. But, what I felt was missing behind their message: was the work the Holy Spirit does within the hearts of the listener enabled by the giver. The giver was given more credit than the Lord.

I understand the need to communicate in this way. If the giver does not see the benefits of giving, they will not pledge. If they have no incentive, given no power, the likelihood of making a $40 a month pledge will go down. But, I feel the talk show hosts should've communicated more effectively. The giving and the music does not save, but they plant seeds in the listener's heart.

Overall, this is a beautiful ministry. I know their work is being blessed by the Lord. I have always questioned their Pledge Drive. But, I see the Lord's work in it. They are 100% funded. So I, we, can continue listening and feel encouraged throughout our days.

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