April 27, 2014

My good friend, and past roommate, Sarah (with emotional support from Cassie) threw a bacherolette party for me and 2 other brides-to-be. Let's be real here: A party for me equals an anxious Victoria. That's enough attention for the rest of the year. And I still have my own wedding. Yikes.

But, besides my dislike for attention, I am truly blessed by this party. And not because of the fun gifts. But by time, excitement, and love 11 girls showed me (and the other brides). I didn't know who was coming to the party and was overjoyed by the presence of those who made it.

We meet at The Ale House near Trinity. Sarah pulled out all the stops including booking a private upstairs room, games, and food. I know she put a lot of time and effort into making the afternoon special. And I am grateful for her willingness to plan the event.

 My long time college friend Abby is also getting married this summer. I love being engaged at the same time as her. I don't think both of us could have dreamt that one up. It is fun to celebrate this special time with her.
 I will be the first to marry in July, Danielle follows me, then Abby with a September wedding.
I win! Both at this matching game and with scoring the handsome man in picture. Sorry ladies, this bachelor is off the market! 

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