April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day. This is how I am enjoying it. Just a tad to cold for me to sit out in the breeze. So the country tunes and sun rays on my toes are doing just fine for me.

But more importantly Happy Easter! . I know I'm a day short. But, better late than never. While I was away from the AZ family this year, I was able to spend it with the fiancĂ© and his families friends. They are great people, and the mom is probably one of the best hosts' I know. Everything from the way her house is decorated, the way she serves food, and the way she holds conversation just says "I'm glad you're here". We ate enough for two days, and enjoyed the warmth outside. After visiting with the family, Aaron and I went for a long walk... We needed it! 

While I didn't get to color eggs, I did get to enjoy the sunrise service at church. What an awesome hour that was. I am reminded who can change everything in my life. I am reminded of who is in charge. And it's all because Jesus changed everything in this world by conquering death. 

He is risen! 

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