May 4, 2014

Friday Night. Cooking Night.

While I was at home a few weeks ago I caught my sister-in-law off guard when I said I didn't know how to make tortillas. Her shock motivated me to learn. 

Friday night I decided to tackle the famous Van Hofwegen tortillas. I was surprised how easy the dough was to make. I was also thrilled that the smells and sounds made me feel like I was at home. And I felt like I won the lottery when I tasted the suckers and they tasted like moms! I am not ready to serve them up to anyone guests, a little tough and I need to work on rolling out circle tortillas. But, overall, I am happy that I started in the right direction. 

 I feel like a real Van Hofwegen women now.

I also decided to make a pie. I've been craving one for a while. So it just had to happen. This wasn't as much of a success. I forgot that you need 2 crusts for apple pie. And, when rolling out the crust a towel should be laid on the counter making an easier transfer to the pie dish. I took the risk and didn't really follow a recipe for the middle. So what did I learn: follow a recipe and treat your dough with respect. 

It hit the spot still. My dad loves apple pie and I invited him over on the condition he'd have to bring the ice cream. Obviously, that didn't happen because he's a few states away. I can't wait until I get to share my apple pie with him some day. Good motivation to keep practicing. We've eaten some delicious pie's before so I got some standards to meet (Dad, remember that one from Cooper's Hawk!). 

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