April 4, 2014

This past month I had moments of "man, I feel old". I caught myself doing things that I'd always think was for grown ups, or things I'd normally accompany my mom with.

For example:

  1. Shopping for a gift for a bridal shower. (Receiving the invite was odd/new to me!). 
  2. Attending the bridal shower and not being related to anyone there. I felt like I actually knew people outside my family (no offense VH's!). 
  3. Paying taxes. YUCK! I really hope I did that right. And after a month, I'm still not done. When's that deadline again? Thanks to my ma who pretty much chatted me through the whole process. 
  4. Reading the "Career" section on blogs, because those tips are a lot more applicable than they use to be. 
So to the friends who think I'm doing "real life" well, trust me when I say... fake it till you make it. While I do a lot of 'old' things, I sometimes feel like the 18 year old entering college and having no idea what's going on.  

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